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Get the latest deals from our sponsors - Heard about an offer on one of our shows? Here is where you will find offer details. Follow the instructions below and enjoy exciting perks on us.


Blossom Candle Co.

Blossom Candle Company Logo.png

The Blossom Candle Company hand makes an all-natural and sustainably created cline of candle products to help you bloom where you are planted. Their fragrances are created with the intention of helping you flourish, develop, grow, and evolve. Our FOTGT audience will get 20% off your first purchase with Blossom. Just head over to  and use the promo code FOTGTBloom at checkout.

Regis Contracting

Regis Contracting Logo.png

Got an old home or commercial property that you would like to sell? Regis Contracting may just be the solution you need. Regis is interested in buying outdated properties in the Milwaukee County area. They evaluate all the factors that make your property special and provide you with an offer within 24 hours. Yes, it's that simple.

Contact: Eli at Regis Contracting

Phone: +1-424-213-0910

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