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What it's all about?

Figuring Out This God Thing shares the stories of real people to help you better understand what it really means to live life with God. There are many Christian churches, preachers, teachers, sermons, and messages in the world. Trying to sort through all of it can be difficult if not impossible. Where do you begin? We have created a blog, podcast and a soon to be released television show of the same name, filled with practical answers to some of the hardest questions people ask about God, Jesus and the bible. We hope that you will explore our content and enjoy the journey with us.

"FOTGT shares the stories of really cool people trying to help you better understand what it means to live life with God."

Why are we doing this?


Our goal is to help you see yourself in the lives of those that we feature and in the stories that are told so that you can make the connection of the relevance of a walk with God in your own life. It's important to us because we have FLOURISHED as a result of building an intimate relationship with him. No matter who you are, who you believe yourself to be or where you are in life, we believe that you'll also have the very same experience if you allow him in. Doing so requires that you have your questions answered right? That you are able to make an informed choice not so? That the myths and legends be dispelled and that the pomp and circumstance be stripped away. Well, that's where we come in. What better way to share truth than through sharing a story...or an example of how it worked for others.

Get to know us.

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Performing artist, writer, director, producer, and all-round Jesus fan, I am a sucker for a good story. When you combine that with my greatest passion, my father in heaven, you get a wide eyed, passionate storyteller who seeks to help people find the same fulfillment that I have found in cultivating a life-long relationship with God.


Founder | Director | Pioneer


I am known as the Ivorian. Serious, stoic, no nonsense. Or at least that what that sounds like right. Hehehe! Not so much. What I really am is a big-hearted London native that was raised in Trinidad and Tobago. I have three passions…God, my family and football – soccer for our American visitors. I am a teacher at heart and am excited to share what God has taught me over my thirty years as a youth, sport and minister of men.


Writer | Teacher | Thinker

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I am a wife, mother, prayer warrior and preacher. Don’t get me to preaching now or I won’t stop. Ha! I love God and have applied his principles through my everyday life faithfully. And in doing so, have seen my life EXPOLDE with blessings. And, just like it happened for me, I know without a doubt that it can happen for you which is my greatest hope for the stories we tell. I have ministered through the performing arts, through serving in church leadership and as a guest speaker at various events over the past 25 years.


Writer | Teacher | Warrior

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